COVID 19 Restriction status

  1. Playgrounds: Operating as usual
  2. Regular Working Bees:  Operating as usual
  3. Friends of Cootamundra Walk Activities: Operating as usual
  4. Committee Meetings: Operating as usual.

Cootamundra Walk is a bushland park in Blackburn that conserves one of the last remnants of bushland north of Whitehorse Road.

The linear park is 1km long and made up of two sections. The western section, which protects the natural bushland behind the North Blackburn Square Shopping Centre, has an open creek and revegetated parkland which runs east from Williams Road to Cootamundra Crescent.  Connected by a short local street, the eastern section starts in Surrey Road where revegetated parkland planted with pockets of indigenous trees extends through to Elm Street near its junction with Goodwin Street.

Riding your bike
Plenty of seats along the way
Fresh air and sunshine for everyone

The park is a popular route, providing access to North Blackburn Shopping Centre, Larch Street Kindergarten and Blackburn High School.  There are gravel paths for walkers and cyclists and several seats provide a place to rest and enjoy the bush surroundings. There are three children’s playgrounds – one near the shopping centre, one near Larch Street Kindergarten and one near Elm Street.  An open grassy area near Elm Street is suitable for ball games.